Frequently Asked HVAC Questions

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Truaire Heating & Cooling is dedicated to not only fixing your system when it fails, but also making sure that you’re fully educated on how your system works. Keeping a heating & cooling system in top condition protects your investment and provides a longer lifespan through preventative maintenance and cleaning.

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How Often should I change my air filter?

We suggest changing your air filter every 30 days. Replacing the air filter helps your system last longer, work more efficiently, and reduces strain on the equipment. This can also save you money by keeping the airflow moving steadily and reducing strain on your utility bill!

How often should I have my equipment serviced?

Regardless of the type of equipment, heating and cooling systems should be inspected, cleaned, and serviced and least twice a year. Once in the spring to get ready for summer, and then again in the fall to prepare for winter. Over time your HVAC system accumulates dirt and dust which can affect its efficiency. If not checked regularly, your system can lose up to 5% of its efficiency each year due to this buildup.

Should I have my air ducts cleaned?

The EPA recommends cleaning for ducts and HVAC units if they have been contaminated, but if you change your air filters as frequently as recommended (every 30 days), there will be no need to have this done proactively because the filter will catch contaminates before they reach the system.