Is your heating system struggling to warm your home or maintain the temperature?

This is a sign of a furnace that needs repair. But don't worry. You can trust Truaire Heating and Cooling LLC to handle all your heating repair needs. We'll make sure your system is not only working but running as efficiently as possible.

Talk to your trusted HVAC contractor about heating repair in Marion and Kokomo, IN today, and make sure to ask for your free estimate. We also offer discounts for seniors, emergency personnel and members of the military.

Don't ignore the signs of a struggling furnace

How can you tell if you need heating repair services? You may have already noticed the signs. They include:

Lower heat levels in your home
Low airflow from your vents
Strange noises coming from the unit
Higher energy bills

If you notice any of these, contact your HVAC contractor in Marion and Kokomo, IN right away. Also, ask about our service agreement to see if you can save money on future repairs, including our duct cleaning service.